Auto-moto measuring
Guide to automotive measurements: equipment, diagnostics and optimization

Auto-moto measuring

Automotive measurement: Coating detector, videoscope, voltmeter, liquid tester, etc.

In the automotive sector, measures play an essential role in diagnosing problems, maintaining vehicles in good working conditions and ensuring driver safety. Technological advances have given rise to a multitude of measuring instruments specially designed to meet the needs of automotive professionals. In this article, we will explore various measurement tools used in the automotive sector, such as coating detectors, videoscopes, voltmeters, liquid testers, and many more. We will examine their operation, utility and contribution to the maintenance and repair of vehicles. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a car professional, this comprehensive guide will help you better understand the importance of these measuring tools and use them effectively.

Coating detector

The coating detector is a measuring instrument used to assess the thickness of the coatings applied to the bodywork of a vehicle. It is essential to check whether the paint complies with the manufacturer's specifications and whether there have been unauthorised alterations or repairs. The coating detector uses various techniques, such as the magnetic method or the ultrasonic method, to accurately measure the thickness of the coating. This makes it possible to identify areas with irregularities or paint problems, which facilitates the necessary retouching or repair work.


The videoscope is an essential measurement tool for inspecting difficult access areas within vehicles. It is equipped with a miniature camera mounted at the end of a flexible cable, which allows to visualize hidden parts of the engine, exhaust system, suspension and other critical components. The videoscope detects leaks, cracks, obstructions or any other problem that could affect vehicle performance. The images captured by the videoscope can be recorded or visualized in real time on a screen, offering a detailed view of the state of the internal components.


The voltmeter is a measuring instrument used to evaluate the electrical voltage in a vehicle's electrical system. It allows to check the state of the battery, alternator, fuses and electrical connections. The voltmeter can be used to detect battery charging problems, alternator malfunctions or short circuit breaks in the electrical system. This allows to quickly identify potential electrical problems and solve them before they cause more breakdowns or damage.

Liquid tester

The liquid tester is a measuring tool used to assess the quality of liquids present in a vehicle, such as engine oil, cooling liquid, brake fluid, and assisted steering fluid. It allows to check their level, purity and general state. With specific probes, the liquid tester can detect the presence of contaminants, moisture or unwanted particles in liquids. This identifies potential problems, such as leakage, contamination or degradation of the liquid, that could jeopardize vehicle performance. The liquid tester allows automotive professionals to take preventive measures and make the necessary adjustments to maintain liquids in an optimal condition.


The pyrometer is a measuring instrument used to measure the temperature of engine components, such as cylinders, exhaust manifolds and brakes. It detects potential overheating and hot spots, which could indicate a malfunction or a risk of failure. The pyrometer uses thermal probes to measure temperature remotely, without needing direct contact with the components. This allows for accurate measurements and quickly identify areas that require special attention.

Pressure gauge

The pressure gauge is a measuring tool used to assess the pressure in a vehicle's pneumatic or hydraulic systems, such as tires, shock absorbers, braking system, and steering system. It ensures that the pressure is consistent with the manufacturer's recommendations, ensuring optimal performance and increased safety. The pressure gauge can also be used to detect leaks or pressure fluctuations, which could indicate a malfunction or maintenance requirement. By regularly monitoring the pressure of the various systems, drivers and automotive professionals can prevent accidents associated with inadequate pressure and extend the life of the components.

Exhaust gas analyzer

The exhaust gas analyzer is a measurement tool used to evaluate the composition of the gas emitted by the vehicle. It measures the emission levels of gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The exhaust gas analyzer is essential to verify vehicle compliance with emission standards, but also to diagnose combustion problems, exhaust system malfunctions and catalyst failures. By identifying possible deviations from acceptable values, the exhaust gas analyzer allows to take appropriate corrective measures to reduce the pollutant emissions of the vehicle.

Essential tools to diagnose and maintain your vehicles

Measuring instruments for cars, such as coating detector, videoscope, voltmeter, liquid tester, pyrometer and pressure gauge, are essential tools to diagnose, maintain and repair vehicles. They identify potential problems, maintain optimal performance and ensure driver safety. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a car professional, using these measuring tools will enable you to optimize your interventions and ensure reliable operation of your vehicles. Investing in quality measuring instruments and mastering their use will help you save time, money and waste by avoiding costly failures and unnecessary repairs.

The evolution of technology has enabled the creation of increasingly advanced and accurate measurement tools. Coating detectors use sophisticated methods to accurately measure the thickness of coatings, thus providing a detailed assessment of the state of the bodywork. The videoscopes, for their part, offer a clear vision of the vehicle's internal components, allowing problems to be detected and avoiding expensive and laborious dismantling.

Voltmeters are essential to assess the electric health of the vehicle. They can detect battery charging problems, alternator malfunctions or electrical connectivity problems, thus avoiding unforeseen failures and start-up problems.

Liquid testers are used to assess the quality of liquids such as engine oil, cooling liquid and brake fluid. They allow detecting the presence of contaminants or signs of degradation, thus ensuring optimal performance of the vehicle and preventing the costly problems related to the leaks or ruptures of the components.

Pyrometers are used to measure the temperature of the key components of the engine, thus providing a precise assessment of their operation. This allows to detect potential overheating, lubrication problems or impending failures, thus avoiding catastrophic failures and costly damage.

Finally, pressure gauges are essential to maintain optimal pressure levels in pneumatic or hydraulic systems of the vehicle. They can detect leaks, pressure drops or operating problems, thus ensuring a safe and prolonged life of components.

Measuring tools for cars play a crucial role in the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of vehicles. They provide accurate and reliable means to assess the condition of the components, detect potential problems and ensure driver safety. By investing in these tools and using them appropriately, automotive professionals and car enthusiasts can guarantee the optimal operation of their vehicles, prolong their life and avoid unnecessary expenses. Whether for regular inspections, repairs or adjustments, car measurement tools are essential partners to maintain vehicles in good condition and drive confidently.

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