IMPACT range
Range of sockets impact: definition, use, types, etc.

IMPACT range

The range of impact sockets, also called shock sockets: an essential tool for powerful clamping

The range of impact dampers, also known as shock dampers, represents a set of essential tools for powerful clamping operations. These casings specially designed to withstand the constraints of percussion tools offer a robust solution for demanding professionals and amateurs. This article will examine the characteristics, advantages and applications of the range of impact sockets, highlighting their importance in the field of high performance clamping.

Characteristics of impact sockets

Resistant materials

Impact sockets are made from robust materials such as chrome-molybdenum steel, thus providing exceptional resistance to repeated shocks. This solid construction makes them suitable for applications requiring increased power and durability.

Anti-shock design

The special design of impact sockets incorporates anti-choc mechanisms that absorb and dissipate energy, thus reducing the transmission of shocks to tools and users. This helps to extend the life of the tools and ensure safer use.

Wide range of sizes

Available in a variety of sizes to adapt to different applications, impact sockets offer wide versatility. From car repair to construction, this complete range meets the needs of various industries.

Benefits of impact sockets

Powerful clamps

One of the main advantages of impact sockets is their ability to perform powerful clamps. Adapted to shock keys and other percussion tools, they allow a high torque to loosen resistant fasteners.

Risk reduction in damage

Thanks to their anti-shock design, impact sockets reduce the risk of damage to tools, fixings and components. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where the precision and preservation of the material are essential.

Increased efficiency

By allowing rapid and powerful clamping, impact sockets help to increase the efficiency of operations. Whether in a car mechanics workshop or on a construction site, these tools improve productivity.

Applications of impact sockets

Motor mechanics

In the field of motor mechanics, impact sockets are widely used to quickly and effectively loosen the nuts and bolts of vehicles, thus facilitating repairs and maintenance.


On construction sites, impact sockets are essential to quickly assemble and unassemble metal structures, scaffolding and other components, thus speeding up the construction process.

Industrial maintenance

In industrial environments, impact sockets are used for maintenance work requiring powerful clamping, such as heavy equipment maintenance.

Instructions for use of impact sockets

To optimize the use of impact sockets, it is recommended to choose the appropriate size, to meet the specifications of the percussion tool manufacturer, and to ensure that the sockets are in good condition before each use.


In conclusion, the range of impact sockets, also known as shock bushings, is an essential addition to the arsenal of any professional or handyman requiring powerful and effective clamping. Their robust design, coupled with anti-choc features, makes it an ideal choice for various applications, from motor mechanics to construction. By integrating impact sockets into day-to-day operations, users can benefit from increased efficiency and reduced risk of damage, thus contributing to quality work results.

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