Masterbus Network
Masterbus Network: optimise the management of your electrical systems

Masterbus Network

The MasterBus is a proprietary system developed by Mastervolt, designed for the effective integration and management of Mastervolt products. Based on the high-speed CANbus communication protocol, the MasterBus offers an advanced and reliable digital switching solution. It allows transparent communication between different electrical and electronic equipment, thus providing centralized control and accurate monitoring of your power system.

A key feature of the MasterBus is its volcanic insulation, which guarantees a stable and secure network. This means that almost all Mastervolt devices can be powered by the MasterBus, thus offering an integrated and coherent solution for your energy system. Whether you are using converters, chargers, wavers or other Mastervolt equipment, they can be easily connected and managed via the MasterBus network.

Flexibility with a wide range of interfaces and modules

The MasterBus offers exceptional flexibility thanks to its wide range of interfaces and modules. You can connect and integrate all the required equipment into your MasterBus system, including input interfaces, NMEA interfaces, GPRS modules, MassSine modules, AC Master modules, Combi modules, Modbus modules, gauge modules, and much more. This versatility allows you to customize and adapt your system according to your specific needs.

Cable installation kit for optimal customization

The MasterBus also includes a cable installation kit, which allows you to compose your own cables according to your needs. This allows you to adapt the length, type of connection and the characteristics of the cable for optimal installation. This feature offers you additional flexibility when setting your power system.

Control and monitoring panels for effective management

The control and monitoring panels of the MasterBus allow you to easily read the charging status of your electrical system. You can view important information such as voltage, current, temperature, battery charging state, etc. This allows you to monitor the performance of your system in real time and take preventive measures in case of problems.

Power analyzer for specific measurements

The MasterBus power analyzer is a valuable tool to measure and monitor your system's electrical data. It can measure data such as AC, voltage, frequency, active and reactive power, etc. This information can be transmitted to the MasterBus network, allowing you to view and configure it according to your needs. This gives you precise control over your power supply system and allows you to optimize its operation.

Bridge for harmonious integration

The MasterBus gateway allows the connection between the MasterBus and Czone networks. This facilitates the harmonious integration of different systems and equipment on board your boat, yacht or other marine installation. You can benefit from a centralized and coordinated management of your electrical system, thus improving its efficiency and reliability.

Terminator for operation without interference

The Terminator is an essential component of the MasterBus network, ensuring operation without interference. It avoids signal returns and ensures a high level of communication between the various network components. By properly installing the terminators on the ends of the MasterBus network, you can guarantee fluid and reliable communication between all equipment.

The MasterBus: The smart solution for the integration of Mastervolt products

The MasterBus is an innovative and reliable solution for the integration and management of Mastervolt products in your autonomous power supply system. With its advanced CANbus communication technology, volcanic insulation, interface flexibility and a range of modules, it offers a complete solution to control, monitor and operate your electrical equipment. Whether you're on board a boat, sailboat or other marine installation, the MasterBus is designed to provide optimum comfort, energy efficiency and electrical safety. Consult a qualified professional to choose and install the MasterBus system adapted to your specific needs and enjoy the benefits it offers for your stand-alone electricity system.

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DC Distribution 500 12/24/48V - Mastervolt MasterBus network components

DC Distribution 500 - Mastervolt network components MasterBus - I ̈P21 The DC Distribution 500 is the smallest distribution model available. It connects up to four DC devices, such as a battery charger, a converter, alternators and solar panels. Warranty 2 years

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