Smartphone - electronic device
Smartphone and electronics: optimise your experience

Smartphone - electronic device

In today's world, smartphones and electronic devices have become essential companions, even when you are on board a boat, a sailboat, a motorhome, a fitted van, a professional vehicle or an all-terrain vehicle. To maximize their use and enjoy all their features, Scanstrut ROKK products offer a convenient and effective solution to integrate these electronic devices into your outdoor environment.

ROKK's embedded electronic device support is a versatile and compact fastening system designed to secure your smartphones, tablets, small fish detectors, digital cameras, GoPro, and much more. With different fixation options such as the suction cup, rail mounting, screwless system, self-adhesive attachment or cable attachment, you can easily mount and disassemble your devices in a quick and convenient way.

An essential accessory for electronic devices on board is the ROKK waterproof wireless charger. It offers the possibility to recharge your devices without needing bulky charging cables, which is particularly convenient in an outdoor environment. Whether you're in the middle of the sea, camping or hiking, you can easily recharge your smartphones and other devices compatible with wireless charging, with ease and convenience.

In addition to the wireless charger, ROKK also offers a USB charger, a versatile accessory to recharge a variety of electronic devices such as phones, tablets, sounders, card tracers, and much more. Regardless of the weather conditions, this weather-resistant USB charger allows you to keep your devices powered and ready to use, ensuring continuous connectivity and functionality.

ROKK understands the importance of protecting your electronic devices against external elements, which is why they also offer robust and durable protection solutions. Waterproof and shock-resistant cases are available to ensure the safety of your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices in the event of difficult conditions or water exposure.

In conclusion, Scanstrut's ROKK accessories are essential to maximize the use of your smartphones and electronic devices on board your boat, sailboat, camper, fitted van, professional vehicle or off-road vehicle. Whether to secure your devices, wireless charging or USB, or to protect them from elements, ROKK products offer practical, durable and reliable solutions for an optimal outdoor electronic experience. Do not let your electronic devices limit your exploration, use the ROKK accessories and fully enjoy your adventure with complete connectivity and convenience.

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ROKK Double USB socket - Waterproof - SCANSTRUT

ROKK Double USB plug - Waterproof- SCANSTRUT Ultra-fast USB charging for the new generation of boaters. Flip Pro is designed to be used with a 12V or 24V input and has a USB-A charging port and a USB-C port. This offers an optimal choice of connection and faster loading of your embedded devices.

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€53.94 including tax