Striking tool
Hit tool: explore our selection of mallets and hammers

Striking tool

Professional equipment includes a wide range of tools to facilitate maintenance, construction and repair work. Among these tools, the impact tools occupy an essential place. Whether you're a building professional, a craftsman or a passionate craftsman, having a good assortment of mallets and hammers is crucial to your projects. In this article, we will explore the usefulness and different applications of these impact tools in the field of professional tools.

Rubber mallet: versatility and precision

Rubber melt is a versatile tool that finds its usefulness in many tasks. Its soft rubber head allows to apply a strike force without damaging sensitive surfaces. It is ideal for assembly of parts, adjustment of components, work of wood, etc. The rubber mallet offers a striking precision and reduces the risk of damage or premature wear of materials. It is available in different sizes and weight to adapt to various applications.

The carpenter hammer: the essential tool for woodwork

The carpenter hammer is an indispensable tool for any professional or amateur working wood. With a steel head and a wooden handle, it offers a perfect combination of strength and control. The carpenter hammer is used to sink nails, adjust parts, make precise finishes, etc. There are different sizes and weight carpenter hammers, adapted to the specific needs of woodwork.

Carpenter hammer: robustness and power

The carpenter hammer is a tool designed for construction and renovation work involving more resistant materials. Its steel head is often fitted with a claw in the back to facilitate the extraction of nails. The carpenter hammer is used to sink the big nails, adjust the tank pieces, perform light demolition works, etc. It is characterized by its robustness and power, making it the preferred tool for carpenters and construction professionals.

The mechanic hammer: precision and versatility

The mechanic hammer is a specially designed tool for automotive and industrial mechanical work. It is characterized by a steel head with a flat end and a rounded or pointed tip. The flat head is used to strike flat surfaces, while the rounded or pointed end is used for more precise tasks, such as bearing removal or adjustment of deformed parts. The mechanic hammer offers precision, versatility and resistance to meet the requirements of the mechanical work.

Wooden mallet: tradition and aesthetic

Wooden mallet is a traditional tool that still finds its place in many occupations and activities. Its hardwood head allows to apply a controlled strike force. Wooden mallet is commonly used in cabinets, wood sculpture, music instruments, etc. It offers a pleasant sensation during use and is appreciated for its natural aesthetic.

Keyboard, mallet, hammer: essentials in professional tooling

In the field of professional tooling, the keystroke tools such as the mallets and hammers are essential to perform a wide variety of tasks. Whether you're a carpenter, carpenter, mechanic or handicraft, you'll need a set of quality mallets and hammers to ensure accurate and sustainable results. Choose tools tailored to your specific needs, taking into account the nature of the work to be done, size and size weight tools, as well as manufacturing quality. Investing in good hit tools will enable you to work effectively and confidently, while making quality professional projects.

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