Rollers - rolling platforms, rolling corners, heavy loads, rolling jacks, etc.


Rollers - rolling trays, rolling corners, heavy loads, jacks, etc.

Rowers, such as rolling trays, rolling corners, heavy loads, jacks, and other similar equipment, occupy a crucial place in the professional world. They are essential tools for the efficient movement of various loads. In this article, we will explore the importance of rolls, their various uses, and the benefits they bring to companies.

The versatility of rolls

Rowers are characterized by their versatility, adapting to different load displacement situations. Whether to move pallets, industrial equipment, or heavy and bulky objects, these tools offer a practical and effective solution. Among the roulers commonly used, there are rolling trays, rolling corners, heavy loads, rolling crics, and many others, each with its own specificities to meet the specific needs of the companies.

Rolling trays: transport optimization

In the field of the transport of bulky and bulky loads, rolling trays play an essential role. Their robust design, often equipped with swivel casters, allows to move large loads with remarkable ease. Whether in warehouses, factories, or on construction sites, rolling trays offer an effective solution to optimize the transport of goods.

Rolling stones: maneuverability and stability

The rolling corners are valuable allies for the movement of specific objects, offering increased handling and stability during transport. Their design makes it easier to bypass obstacles, which is particularly useful in restricted areas. Wheeled corners are often used in environments where the precision of movement is crucial, such as manufacturing workshops or production lines.

Heavy loads: robustness and reliability

Rowers designed to support heavy loads are key elements in various sectors, such as construction, industry, or logistics. Their robust structure and high load capacities make them suitable for the transport of solid materials. These equipment guarantees not only the safety of the goods, but also the protection of workers involved in heavy load movement operations.

Rowers: easy lifting

Rowing crics are essential tools for lifting large loads. Their design allows to lift heavy objects safely, thus providing an effective solution for maintenance, repair or handling operations in various environments. Rowers are often used in mechanical workshops, garages, and other situations where precise lifting of loads is required.

Economic and ergonomic benefits

The use of rollers has economic benefits for businesses. By optimizing transport operations, these tools help reduce labour costs and potential damage to goods. In addition, on an ergonomic level, rollers minimize the risk of occupational injury by providing safer and more efficient travel solutions, thereby improving working conditions.

Rollers, companions indispensable for professional transport

In conclusion, the rollers, whether they are rolling trays, rolling corners, heavy loads, roller jacks, or other similar equipment, are indispensable companions in the professional world. Their versatility, robustness and economic benefits make it essential tools for companies seeking to optimize their transport operations. Whether in logistics, manufacturing, construction, or other areas, the investment in rolls results in improved operational efficiency, reduced risk of injury, and a safety guarantee in the transport of various loads. In short, the rollers are much more than just transport tools; they are valuable companions for the success of companies.

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CU 400 kg steel rollers - FIMM

CU 400 kg steel rollers - FIMM Steel Rolling Coins - Dimensions 270 x 270 mm - CU 400 kg - Weight 9 kg Warranty 10 years

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Brand: FIMM

CU 1000 kg heavy load wheel - FIMM

Over-elevated pallet wheel 1200 x 800 mm heavy load CU 1000 kg - FIMM High-speed pallet wheel for heavy loads - Dimensions 1246 x 846 x 700 mm - CU 1000 kg - Weight 44 kg Warranty 10 years

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Reference: FI-860000347

Brand: FIMM

CU 200 kg plastic rolling stock - FIMM

CU 200 kg plastic rolling stock - FIMM Coins for moving furniture or small machines. 3 swivel wheels for 360° rotation. Reduced support height: no risk of shifting the load. The plastic avoids cutting the load handled. Resistant polyurethane wheels in time and limiting the thrust effort to start. Adherence guaranteed by a soft non-slip rubber coating on...

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