General tool
General tools for cars and motorcycles

General tool

Sunday mechanic or trade professional, it is always essential to have a complete toolbox to work quietly. The good mechanic, whether amateur or professional, knows the importance of quality tools.

Every motor mechanic in addition to its very specific tools: specific: motor tools, body tools, motor system tools, suspension and transmission, etc. must be equipped with standard tools also useful in its workshop. It is usually composed of tools, such as:

Workshop tools:

- Motor support crossbar

- Dynamometer and dynamometer adapter key

- Workshop crane balancer

- Extractor

- Cric hydraulic rouleur

- Pair of candles

- Pinch for circlips, bulb,

- Feet foot

- Work platform

- Magnetic support for pneumatic tools

- Compressed air blower

- Engine support

Standard tools:

- Angular clamping key

- Guilty

- Reversible click

- Magnetic doigt 4en 1, magnetic, flexible

- Coating for candle, coil impact

- Work lamp

- Keys (Allen, Torx, plate...)

- Tournevis (cruciforme, Pozidriv, plat...)

- Pliers (multiprise, universal, cutting...)

- Etc.

All this equipment must be well placed in handmaids or wagons to be easily accessible.

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