Suspension and transmission tool
Suspension and transmission tools: the basics of auto tools

Suspension and transmission tool

The suspension:

the auto suspension plays a leading role in the efficiency of a vehicle, since it allows to connect both the non-suspended masses such as the braking system and the wheels, but also the wheel drive parts. The suspension also makes it possible to absorb the impact between the carriageway and a car in order to improve the comfort of the driver and that of the passengers, while reducing mechanical fatigue and excessive wear.

Same for the motorcycle, the suspension is intended to ensure a connection of the wheels to the ground in all circumstances and regardless of the state of the road. The connection of the wheels with the ground is essential to ensure good guidance and braking of the motorcycle. The suspension by absorbing the shocks due to the state of the road allows to increase the durability of the engine and frame, in addition to ensuring a certain comfort to the driver and passenger of the motorcycle.

The transmission:

Automobile: There are 3 types of transmission: traction, propulsion and integral transmission.

In general, the transmission means the whole system to transmit the torque and power of the engine to the wheels. This system is therefore located between the engine and the motor wheels of the vehicle, and consists of the engine steering wheel, clutch, gearbox, differential or self-locking bridge and transmission shafts.

For the two wheels, there are three types of transmission: by chain: the most common - by belt: is the one usually found on the scooters and some U.S. road – by tree to carin: it is the transmission of many large cylinders. The transmission consists of all interposed demultiplications, and allows to communicate the engine rotation to the rear wheel.

The driving of a vehicle is essential to safely drive. For repair, replacement or maintenance of suspension and transmission a mechanic needs professional tools such as:

Set dismantling tools and mounting

Set 2 or 3 arms extractors

Set universal compressors

Set rotary forks

Amortization spring compressor

Roller plate

Rolling, rotary, wheel hub extractors


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