Power tillers: the essential tool for green spaces


Motorcyclists are invaluable tools for anyone who gives themselves to gardening, agriculture or landscape planning. They simplify soil work by returning it and preparing it for planting.

A biker, also known as a motorcycle grower or engine mill, is a motorized tool designed to work the ground. It is used to plough, aerate, mix and level the soil. Motorcyclers are generally equipped with blades or rotary mills that penetrate the ground and return it. This breaks the mottes of earth, eliminates weeds, and creates a furniture and aerated soil, ideal for planting. Adjusting the ploughing depth is usually possible, which allows you to adapt the biker to the depth required for your specific project. Some models are equipped with wheels to facilitate the movement of the unit, while others are designed to be worn.

There are several types of motorcycles on the market, each being adapted to specific needs. Electric motorcycles are light and easy to handle, ideal for small gardens and light gardening. They are powered by an electric cord, which means that their range is limited by the length of the cable. However, they are more silent than models to gasoline and do not produce harmful emissions.

Motorcyclists gasoline are more powerful than electric models, adapted to larger work. They are ideal for medium to large gardens and agricultural projects. Models gasoline offer greater mobility, because they are not limited by a power cord, but they are more noisy and produce polluting emissions.

Garden and culture bikers are designed for specific work, such as preparation of garden beds or ploughing between crop rows. They are generally lighter and more compact than standard bikers, suitable for restricted areas.

Professional motorcycles are powerful machines designed for farmers, farmers and entrepreneurs. They can be equipped with motors gasoline robust and interchangeable blades to adapt to different soil types. These models are more expensive, but they are able to manage intensive work.

The use of a biker has many advantages for gardeners, farmers and landscapers. They accelerate the soil preparation process, which saves time. They return the soil by leaving it well-developed, promoting healthy plant growth. In addition, they effectively eliminate weeds by rooting them, reduce weed competition with cultivated plants, and ensure uniform soil preparation, avoiding water pockets and promoting good drainage. Finally, motorcycles are versatile and can be used for various tasks, including ploughing, garden bed preparation, compost mixing and soil preparation for lawns.

The choice of the best biker depends on several factors, including the size of your garden or land, the type of soil you have, the frequency of use and your budget. For a small garden, a light electric biker can be enough, while a larger plot will require a motorcycle with gasoline more powerful. It is essential to take into account the working width, the ploughing depth, the weight and maneuverability, as well as maintenance and cost when you choose.

In conclusion, motorcycles are essential tools for all those who are engaged in gardening, agriculture or landscape development. They simplify soil preparation, improve plant health and save time. By choosing the biker suitable for your needs, you can carry out your gardening projects efficiently and productively. Investing in a quality biker is an excellent way to improve the quality of your soil and to promote healthy growth of your plants. Whether you are an amateur gardener or a farming professional, a biker can become your best ally to get exceptional results in your garden or on your land. Do not hesitate to explore the different models available on the market, read user reviews and take into account the advice presented in this article to choose the biker that best meets your specific needs. Once you have your biker in hand, you will be ready to start your gardening projects with confidence and efficiency.

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Reference: DX-KS-1000T-E


Electric motorcycle KS 1000T E - Könner & Shönen

Electric motorcycle KS 1000T E - Könner & Shönen Power 1000w - voltage 230V - Working width 36 cm - Ploughing depth ≤ 22 cm Electric motorcycles ТМ Könner & Söhnen are excellent assistants and are designed for soil work in a garden or in confined spaces.

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€115.00 including tax

Reference: DX-KS-1500T-E


Electric motorcycle KS 1500T E - Könner & Shönen

Electric motorcycle KS 1500T E - Könner & Shönen Power 1500w - voltage 230V 50Hz - Plow width 45 cm - Plow depth ≤ 22 cm Electric motorcycles ТМ Könner & Söhnen are excellent assistants and are designed for soil work in a garden or in confined spaces.

Price €132.50 excluding VAT
€159.00 including tax