AGM battery
Powerful and durable AGM battery

AGM battery

AGM is an abbreviation of Absorbed Glass Mat.

The first advantage of the AGM batteries is linked to their sealing: no maintenance, no addition of distilled water. Enhanced security compared to open lead batteries.

In the AGM batteries, the electrolyte (water mix and sulphuric acid) is widely absorbed in the fiberglass and therefore require no maintenance and release no gases in normal use. These batteries can be installed anywhere.

Low auto-discharge rate (1 to 3% per month), high energy density, accepts very strong currents in charge and discharge: AGM batteries are therefore ideal for systems requiring high intensity (e.g. when starting an engine) and by their fast charging cycle, they are often advised for vehicles subject to large loads (taxi, ambulance, ...) or for example motorhomes, fitted golf vans.

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