Flat wrench
Flat wrench

Flat wrench

The flat key is indispensable for screwing/dispelling screws, nuts or bolts with hexago-nale or square head. Its shape is ideal for reaching difficult places of access. They are used in different fields, such as plumbing, DIY, mechanical

The most common models:

Double key: the most common, with 2 forks of 2 different sizes, which doubles the number of sizes for the same number of keys

Mixed key: versatile tool with a fork of one end and one eye of the other.

Fork plate: to tighten and loosen either by the side or by the top.

Flat-eye key: with on one side an fork with two contact zones and on the other side an eye of the same size to be able to quickly screw / unscrew accessible screws.

Lean-eye key: there are two types of eye keys: the right keys and the head keys inclined at 15°. With a sloping head, it will be easy to pass the handle over a screw that would hinder the clamping.

Clutch-flat key: to screw / unscrew faster, some models are equipped with a click system that offers the advantage of avoiding changing the key position for an undeniable time gain

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