Gel battery
Gel battery, MVSV battery

Gel battery

The gel batteries are waterproof batteries: Benefits: no maintenance, no addition of distilled water. Very low hydrogen release, low self-discharge rate (1 to 3% per month), high cycling lifetime (500 to 1600 cycles to 80% discharge), good resistance to deep cycling (may be 100% discharged), robust technolo-gying: good shock and vibration resistance (but below AGM) Enhanced security compared to lead batteries. The Gel batteries are used: - in isolated sites where battery maintenance is difficult and expensive (bouées, telephone relay, wind turbines...). - for their long life in number of cycles load/discharge. (insulated sites such as mountain huts) - in cases where leakage (no risk of acid projection) and cycling is im-portante. Thus, Gel batteries are the preferred choice for electric wheelchairs.

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