On-board comfort
Comfort on board: accessories to make your journeys more enjoyable

On-board comfort

When you are on board a boat or sailboat, comfort is essential to fully enjoy your experience at sea. To make your stay more enjoyable, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment that make life easier on board. In the category "Confort on board", you will find a range of equipment designed specifically to meet your needs, whether in terms of lighting, windscreen wipers, ventilation, electrical warnings or autonomous electricity. In this article, we will explore in detail these equipment and their importance to ensure optimal comfort on board your boat or sailboat.

Lighting: Bridge projection for increased visibility

Lighting is crucial during your escapades at sea, especially at night. A bridge projector is an essential equipment that offers increased visibility, whether to identify obstacles, to illuminate the bridge or to facilitate manoeuvres. The bridge headlamps are designed to withstand marine conditions and offer high luminous power. They are available in different configurations, including LED spotlights, offering long life and low energy consumption.

Ice wiper: A clear vision even in the rain

When you navigate in the rain or in unfavourable weather conditions, an effective ice wiper is essential to maintain a clear vision. Ice wipers, hung arms, pantograph arms, motors and windshield kits are part of the equipment available to ensure effective wipe of windows. They are designed to withstand the marine environment, thus ensuring reliable performance even in difficult conditions.

Ventilation: A comfortable atmosphere on board

A good ventilation on board your boat or sailboat is essential to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, reduce humidity and evacuate unpleasant odors. Different ventilation equipment is available to meet your specific needs. Air sleeves, solar extractors, passive extractors and aeration grids promote air circulation, helping to maintain a cool and pleasant environment. Solar fans/extractors are particularly convenient, using solar energy to operate independently, without requiring external power supply.

Built-in or compact electrical warning: Safety and signalling

An electric recessor or compact is an important safety equipment on board your boat or sailboat. It can be used to emit sound signals in the event of an emergency, alert other vessels to your presence or report critical situations. These sensors are designed to withstand marine conditions, providing reliable performance and increased durability. They are compact and easy to install, ensuring effective signalling when necessary.

Quai: Reliable electrical connection

When you are at the dock, a reliable electrical connection is essential to power your devices on board. The outlets docks, dock extensions and watertight male bases are equipment that guarantee a secure and watertight connection, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply. These equipment are designed to withstand marine conditions, offering long-term durability.

Autonomous electricity: Energy autonomy at sea

For increased energy autonomy at sea, autonomous electricity is an ideal solution. Different equipment, such as solar panels, batteries, charging regulators and converters, allow you to produce, store and manage energy on board your boat or sailboat. Autonomous electricity offers you the freedom to enjoy your activities at sea without worrying about the availability of electricity.

Comfort on board: Equipment for an optimal boat or sailing experience

In the category "Comfort on board", you will find a range of equipment that make life easier on board your boat or sailboat. Lighting, windscreen wipers, ventilation, electric tellers, dock equipment and self-contained electricity are key elements to ensure optimal comfort and a pleasant experience at sea. These equipment are specially designed to withstand marine conditions and provide reliable and sustainable performance. By investing in these equipment, you can improve your browsing experience and fully enjoy your time on board.

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