3/4" range
3/4" range of sockets: definition, use, types, etc.

3/4" range

3/4" range of sockets: power and robustness for intensive work

The 3/4" range of sockets represents a series of powerful tools designed for intensive work. Suitable for 3/4" clamps, these sockets offer a robust solution for professionals working on applications requiring increased power and strength. This article will examine in detail the characteristics, advantages and applications of the 3/4 range of sockets, highlighting their essential role in work requiring a larger size.

Features of 3/4" sockets"

Larger size

The 3/4" sockets are distinguished by their larger size, offering additional power for intensive work. This feature makes them ideal for applications requiring high torque and robust resistance.

High performance steel construction

Made from high-performance steel, 3/4" bushings offer exceptional robustness. This impact-resistant and stress-resistant construction ensures a prolonged life even under the most demanding conditions.

Adaptability to 3/4" clicks"

Designed specifically to adapt to 3/4", these sockets ensure an effective torque transmission. This adaptability guarantees powerful clamping and reliable use of tools.

Benefits of 3/4" sockets"

Increased power

The 3/4" range of sockets offers increased power, ideal for work requiring an important couple. Whether in the field of industrial construction or maintenance, these casings meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Resistance to intensive work

Thanks to their robust construction and their larger size, 3/4" bushings are specially designed to withstand intensive work. They are suitable for environments where the robustness of the tool is crucial.

Versatility for large fixations

The size of the 3/4" sockets makes them versatile for large fixations such as nuts and bolts of larger size. They are therefore suitable for a variety of applications in the construction and maintenance sector.

3/4" socket applications"

Heavy construction

In heavy construction, 3/4" bushings are essential to effectively tighten and loosen the nuts and bolts of metal structures, beams and structural elements.

Industrial maintenance

In industrial environments, 3/4" sockets are used for maintenance work requiring exceptional power and strength, such as heavy equipment clamping.

Petroleum and gas works

3/4" sockets are also commonly used in the oil and gas industry for tightening and loosening operations on robust equipment and pipelines.

Instructions for use of 3/4" sockets"

For optimal use of 3/4" sockets, it is recommended to match them with cliquets of the same size, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in terms of torque, and maintain them regularly to ensure constant performance.


In conclusion, the range of 3/4" sockets is positioned as a powerful and robust solution for intensive work. Their larger size, combined with high-quality construction, makes it an essential choice for professionals working under demanding conditions. By integrating 3/4" sockets into daily operations, users can benefit from increased power and strength to intensive work, thus contributing to reliable and sustainable work results.

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