Socket wrench
Socket wrench

Socket wrench

Its name simply comes from its particular design, with the two cubited branches, in the form of pipe.

It is an indispensable mechanical tool: Unlike a classic key, its shape allows it to access places where the bolt is immersed. It is also very used because of its clamping force which is of high quality.

As it is particularly suitable for clamping and loosening bolts, it is very useful for craftsmen and professionals as well as for craftsmanship.

Beyond the size and footprint, there are a few variants:

Classic pipe key: It is composed of 2 same size female tips

Coated tube key: it consists of a single female tip

Articulated key: it can replace a set of several pipe keys, it is composed of 2 tips with several openings. Each opening to one type of bolt.

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