Car body tool
Car body tool

Car body tool

The bodywork repairs the bodywork elements of a vehicle within a network, a workshop in a company, a public community, etc. It diagnoses vehicle damage and determines the most suitable method for repair.

The bodywork is used for light vehicles, but also for heavy vehicles or in the aeronautics sector.

It is responsible for the repair of the stripes and bumps of the bodywork (by hammering, bombing, sealing, etc.), possibly for the replacement of the damaged parts, the recovery and polishing of the chassis and the shell, before making the final paint.

The bodyworker uses highly specialized bodywork tools to give the vehicle its initial appearance, such as:

- Tournevis for mountings and dismantling

- Open or wet fences

- Ordinary clamps, loosening, riveting clamp, beak brush, jaw, etc.

- Flat cutting tool

- Scissors to cut metal and remove welding stitches

- Items and punches

- Hand handmade shears to cut the sheet and articulated shears to come to pieces of resistant metal.

- Suspension for windscreen

- Ice wiper arm extractor

- Body hammer: to unpack, ball, to plan

- Burin plat

- Tools for dismantling doors

- Lime and door lime

- U.S. bodybuds, cloth, comma

- Body spoon

- Flat cutting tools, 30° 90

- Levers

- Workshop seat


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