Lift table
Lifting tables: lifting and handling safely

Lift table

Tables: versatile equipment for handling and ergonomics at work

The lift tables are versatile lifting equipment used in many industrial sectors to facilitate heavy load handling and improve working conditions. They allow an effective solution to mitigate, move and position objects of different sizes and weight. Whether in warehouses, manufacturing plants, logistics centres or car garages, lift tables are essential tools to optimize productivity, ensure safety of operations and prevent injury related to manual handling.

Multi-purpose handling equipment

The lift tables are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are often used to load and unload goods, stack pallets, assemble products, perform maintenance and inspection operations, and much more. Thanks to their adjustable lifting capacity, lift tables can adapt to different working heights, making them ideal for tasks requiring greater precision and ergonomics.

Improvement of ergonomics at work

One of the most important advantages of lift tables is their ability to improve ergonomics at work. By allowing workers to position loads at an optimal working height, lift tables transmit fatigue and muscular tension, thus helping to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. In addition, they translate lifting and handling operations, which improves the efficiency and overall productivity of handling tasks.

Different types of lift tables

There are different types of lift tables, each designed to meet specific needs. Among the most common are the scissors tables, turntables and pantography lift tables. Scissor lift tables are the most qualified and offer high stability and lifting capacity. The rotating tray lift tables allow 360 degrees of load to be rotated, which facilitates loading and unloading. As for the pantography lift tables, they offer greater flexibility of vertical and horizontal motion.

Security of operations

The safety of operations is a major concern in handling heavy loads. The lift tables are designed with built-in security features to ensure safe operations. These features include protection guards, automatic locking systems, security sensors, emergency stop buttons and overload protection devices. It is essential to comply with all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer and to adequately train operators on the safe use of lift tables. This includes the knowledge of maximum load capacity, the use of appropriate safety devices, the regular verification of the state of the equipment and the compliance with recommended lifting procedures.

Benefits of productivity and efficiency

The lift tables also help to improve the productivity and efficiency of handling operations. By allowing workers to position loads at the ideal working height, they indicate the time and effort needed to mitigate and move objects. This makes it possible to perform tasks faster and more efficiently, resulting in an increase in the overall productivity of the company. In addition, lift tables can be integrated into automated conveying or handling systems, which further optimizes workflows and reduces time.

Maintenance and maintenance of lift tables

Like any lifting equipment, the lift tables provide regular maintenance to ensure their proper operation and extend their lifetime. It is important to follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, including for component lubrication, cable and piston inspection, and replacement of wear parts. In addition, it is essential for former operators on basic maintenance procedures, such as visual inspection before each use, to detect potential problems and to resolve them quickly.

Tables: essential alloys for ergonomic and efficient handling

The lift tables are versatile handling equipment that offers many advantages in terms of ergonomics, productivity, efficiency and safety. They are essential in many industrial sectors where heavy load handling is common. By investing in lift tables tailored to your company's specific needs and complying with safety and maintenance instructions, you can improve working conditions, optimize handling operations and ensure worker safety. The lift tables are a good investment for any company concerned with productivity, ergonomics and safety in its handling activities.

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Manual single scissor lift table CU 150 kg - FIMM

Single-scissors manual lift table 150 kg - FIMM Hydraulic single or double scissors recommended for occasional use. • Hydraulic lift ordered by foot pedal strokes. • Descent ordered by a lever mounted on the thrust bow. • Safety valve. • 2 fixed wheels + 2 pivoting brake wheels. • Foldable backrest to easily load the table in a small utility vehicle....

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